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24 / 7 Services


one of its kinds equipped with cutting-edge technologies and is an integral part of patient care. The lab operates round the clock with all possible services to support any emergency cases and ease the hospital procedures by reducing the waiting time. The lab is managed by an efficient and dedicated team of medical technicians.

laboratory services ranging from routine blood tests – such as total cholesterol, Pap test, and white blood cell count – to complex, gene-based, line probe assay and microbial identifications. The laboratory conducts medical tests that aid in the diagnosis of diseases, evaluate recovery from ailments or confirm that an individual is cured.


JJ Arul Hospital premises can be very convenient for patients who need to fill their prescriptions or purchase OTC medications. Patients do not have to travel to another location to get their medications, which can be particularly important for those who are hospitalized or have limited mobility.

Wide range of medications available, including specialty medications and hard-to-find medications. This can be particularly important for patients with complex medical conditions who require specialized medications.

pharmacies often have systems in place to bill patients' insurance companies directly for their medications, which can simplify the billing process for patients.

  • Insurance billing:
  • Coordination of care:
  • Pharmacist counseling:
  • Access to medications